It is important to understand that siding is just the first line of defense against our wet Northwest weather. The unseen things like proper installation of flashing, caulking, and moisture barrier (house wrap) are essential to protecting your home. We follow manufacturer’s guidelines and correct techniques to keep your home dry.

There are many products available to use on the exterior of your home. Here is a brief overview of siding, soffit and trim options. These can be used in different combinations to customize the look of your home. Please see our photo gallery for examples of our completed projects!


The most popular siding on new homes in Whatcom County is made of fiber-cement. It is a durable, pest and moisture-resistant product with an exceptional warranty. James Hardie makes a range of products from smooth finish to deep wood grain finish. Horizontal lap siding, shingles, and vertical board-and-batten are all available. This material comes with a factory primer and can also be ordered pre-painted in a variety of colors.


Cedar siding offers high quality and unmatched beauty. Cedar is a renewable, sustainable resource that requires less energy to produce. It brings natural resistance to the weather, pests and decay. Cedar siding is available in lap siding as well as shingles.


Vinyl siding is the most popular siding in the U.S. The biggest benefit of vinyl siding is it is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl is economical, it does not require painting, comes in an array of color and styles, and looks new for years. Vinyl siding is also available with insulated foam backing to increase the energy efficiency of your home.


A soffit is the underside of the overhang from a roofline or the underside of a porch. There are a wide variety of materials available to put in the soffits. Though not often thought about, the look of the soffit changes the look of the entire exterior of your home. Well-installed soffit allows for ventilation while preventing birds from nesting in the eaves. Fiber-cement, tongue-and-groove wood such as fir, cedar or pine, vinyl and plywood are all commonly used in the soffit area.


Wood trim is the most commonly used, but synthetic and fiber-cement trim are also available. We have spent time working on many high-end homes and no trim detail is too difficult! We are able to accent the home with things such as knee braces, radius trim, window “sills”, etc to make your house stand out.

When replacing siding, we are often able to leave existing window and door trim and add the new siding around it. If some of the trim is damaged and needs replacement, we can match the existing trim so that you don’t need to replace it all.